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Money Back Guarantee

We will refund your money if there is no improvement on your English fluency after following our learning method for at least 100 hours.

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Our certified coaches help you to achieve your learning objective faster with personal approach

International Certification

Nielson English has six levels of certification to achieve the highest English fluency. Our certification issued by DynEd International from USA

24 Hours Performance Record

We have intelligent tutor that monitors your study progress 24 hours, providing feedbacks and ways to achieve your goal faster

Practice Everywhere & Anytime

Practice your listening and speaking skill anywhere anytime with or without internet connection


We have a specific and clear standard of measurement for English fluency

Bahasa Inggris adalah kemampuan (skill),
bukan pengetahuan (knowledge )

Most of English Language institutions teach language as knowledge. Teachers ask students to memorize vocabulary and grammar which in result, the list of vocabulary and grammar they memorized are easily forgotten.

This analogy is similar to ask a professional soccer player to memorize the technique of kicking the ball without practicing it enough.

Nielson English understands that to achieve language fluency it is part of the skill which requires daily practice instead of memorization.

Therefore, we build Nielson English as the solution to achieve language fluency and we develop ways to achieve the goal 60 percent faster.

Natural Language Learning Path


The first time people grasp new language is through ear (listening)


After people master listening skill, they began to mimic words they heard. This is when the learning cycle of new language began naturally


After people are capable to listen and speak in order to process new language, they will start recognizing words. This is when the reading and writing skills are introduced to people


When the listening and speaking skills are sharpened, people will be more likely to enjoy writing in English compared to when they could not speak fluent English

When the listening and speaking skills are sharpened, people will be more likely to enjoy writing in English compared to when they could not speak fluent English
Since little, human has learnt language to communicate to others. Without they realized, humans have effective pattern in mastering the language naturally. The first time babies recognize new language through listening. After listening, they began to imitate the pronunciation word by word that they heard while slowly digesting the meaning of every word they heard. When human is able to listen and speak, then they are most likely ready to recognize letters through reading and writing.
This process is called Natural Language Learning Curve, which is not understood by other learning institutions (formal / informal). Therefore, although students have learnt English from elementary school until senior high school, they still do not speak fluent English.
By adapting the curriculum from USA, Nielson English believes that achieving English proficiency in targeted period of time is possible.

Computer Assisted Program

Participant can practice speaking English anywhere and anytime with or without internet connection by using software that has won few awards; Eddie Awards (The Annual Education Software Review), Technology and Learning Award & Excellence. This software has been approved by Ministry of Education in China, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Costa Rica and Equador. This software allow coach to monitor participants’ performance 24 hours.

Social Extension Class

Participants participate in classroom activities with coach. Participants will receive weekly performance feedbacks and evaluation and recommended study path to achieve the proficiency goal faster and effectively.
Coach will encourage participants to participate in social interaction through series of interesting activities such as public speaking, impromptu speech, debate, and presentation session, storytelling, making a phone call, and making appointment which can be implemented in daily life.


The learning method adapted by Nielson English has been successfully help people from non-english speaking countries (China, Thailand, and Turkey) to reach their English language proficiency. Looking at the tremendous growth of success rates, this pushes Nielson English to carry the learning method to Indonesia.

Institutions that have used our learning method to achieve English fluency


China, Korea, Jepang & Malaysia


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